Swiss-US Energy Innovation Internship in New York

This specific internship position is in the field of energy innovation centering around a large delegation visit from Switzerland to New York City. It involves fields such as integration of renewable energies, energy-as-a-service economy, risk management and architecture in a mega city.


Join us for swissnexDay'16, taking place December 15 at the University of Basel. This year's topic is the future of ageing.

ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships

The most extraordinary thinkers and doers are coming to Switzerland. Are you one of them? Apply for a ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship by January 31!

Travel Information

Visa inquiries from the general public can be answered on the website of the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York.

CTI Market Entry Camps

The CTI US Market Entry Camps are acceleration programs designed for Swiss startup companies looking to enter the US market.


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