8th edition of the venture leaders program

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8th edition of the venture leaders program

Jun 27, 2008 03:02 PM


Swissnex Boston was delighted to have another group of 20 promising young entrepreneurs for a 10-day entrepreneurial bootcamp called venture leaders. Thanks to the support of CTI and venturelab, we put together a series of interactive sessions and meetings with leading figures of the local high-tech scene. The group also spent 4 days at Babson to analyze and reflect on business strategies for their growing ventures.


This year, the entrepreneurs from Switzerland were promoting spinoff companies from most universities and all regions. The diversity of the participants was impressive with several nationalities represented. The projects ranged from an imaginative social networking device to a new drug delivery syringe. An overview of each project and entrepreneur can be found at [please add link]. As last year, the group was coached by a team of innovation experts from Switzerland: Beat Schillig and Jordi Montserrat of venturelab as well as Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier of CTI Invest


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