Art / Science

About the Cover Image: ZHdK organ room photo by Benjamin Keel, graphic design student at the University of Cincinnati (winner of the poster design competition tied to the “24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock”)

The art/science program at swissnex Boston supports Swiss creatives, cultural institutions, and art schools to gain ground, grow their networks, and build visibility in the eastern US and Canada. We promote artistic projects, research, and institutions – typically those with a tech, innovative, or scientific component, be that in methodological approach or subject matter. This could be:

  • Coordinating talks, symposia, panels, performances, and exhibitions –  as organizers, collaborators, and partners.
  • Building longterm relationships, making targeted introductions
  • Using our connections to generate new collaborative projects
  • Highlighting not just artistic output, but also academic reflections on practices within the field

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