Startups in Residence





Established in 2010, Abionic SA is ideally positioned at the boundaries of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology. As a spin-off from EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland), Abionic uses these highly advanced technologies to provide the medical profession with a novel diagnostic tool designed to give patients personal allergy profiles. Abionic aims to become an important international player in the field of personalized medicine, in particular in allergy detection.Abionic is operating with a high level of vertical integration, handling most parts of the value chain. The abioSCOPE (reader), the abioKIT (capsule with biosensors) and the abioGUIDE (mobile application) have been engineered and are currently assembled in-house.


“To plan internationalization, one must start from square one: new entity, new infrastructure, new collaborators, customers, and network … swissnex is the absolute best point of entry to make it happen.”

Nicolas Duran, Abionic SA




At Biognosys we believe that the decoding of the proteome will impact life sciences more than the genome revolution a decade ago. Biognosys provides innovative services and products for protein discovery and quantification using cutting edge technology. We strive to be the company that provides the best possible solutions to support researchers in their protein analysis needs.


“Swissnex has an extensive network and a deep understanding of the challenges that Swiss companies face when coming to the US. They have supported us with introductions, advice and a Cambridge “home” to work & meet.”








Goodwall is an online network where people, notably students, build Good CVs by doinggood to stand out and distinguish themselves in order to get into university or get theirfirst job.Students complete their Good CVs to showcase their on-the-ground community serviceand projects, ranging from running a race for cancer research to volunteering for an orphanageand recycling regularly. As the students have limited work experience, volunteeringand community service are particularly important. As the students also include theiracademic record, allowing them to match with universities and be contacted by universitiesinterested in their profiles.The vision for Goodwall is an online identity for everyone to showcase their social goodand integrity for business, friendships and relationships. For an individual at all points intheir lives and across all demographic barriers. This is an incredible incentive for studentsand individuals to do good throughout their lives, which in turn leads to a change inbehavior in day to day activities and decisions.


“Internationalization is all about meeting the right people and building a strong network. Swissnex Boston is strongly connected and provides invaluable support in achieving our goals and rolling-out our global strategy.”

Taha Bawa, Goodwall.









Founded in 2009 and located in Wädenswil at the lake of Zurich, Switzerland, Creoptix is a private company specialized in optical instruments and consumables for the label-free analysis of molecular interactions at best-in-class sensitivity for life science research and the drug discovery industry.


“For our US launch swissnex Boston turned out to be an ideal hub: lots of customers in walking distance and great support by the swissnex Boston team. Their network and contacts opened many doors.”

Matyas Vegh, Creoptix.









Oviva is a digital health company seeking to revolutionise the way patients manage diet related chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. We provide technology enabled medical nutritional therapy, including a mobile app for the patient and a web-interface for the care-provider.


“New market entry is a significant challenge without local market knowledge. Swissnex’s team in Boston & New York were invaluable in helping us identify & target potential customers, advisors and partners to plan our next stage of growth”








SUN bioscience offers “Organoids as a Service” (OaaS) that is standardized cultures of stem cell-derived organoids. They are self-organizing 3D miniature tissues with organ-mimicking functions to model what so far can only be seen in animal tests or clinical studies. Organoids will be used for assessing efficiency and toxicity early on during drug development and evaluating patient variation, a prerequisite for cheaper and safer medicines.


“As part of the Class 2016 of, SUN bioscience visited Boston and received significant support from swissnex to link to key players and customers in the region. This helped us to not only receive valuable feedback from scientific experts at MIT and Harvard but also from smaller and larger biotech and pharmaceutical companies to develop our business case. We were received warmly at the Swissnex office, it was an extremely worthwhile time and it will make us come back in 2016 to follow up with the contacts made.”