Swiss Pavilion EXPO 2017

From 10th June to 10th September 2017, the world will come together at the international Expo in Astana (Kazakhstan) to explore and discuss “Future Energy”. Presence Switzerland (PRS) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) have embarked on a strategic partnership to create a “swissnex mobile”. This project, which is accompanied by swissnex Boston, is devoted to connecting Swiss science, education and innovation with global experts and peers at the Swiss Pavilion. swissnex mobile will leverage both the opportunities the Expo itself provides, as well as Kazakhstan’s pivotal position between Europe, Russia and Asia to offer our partners visibility and a platform to make international connections.




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Message: Future Energy Powered by You

Topic: The Swiss Pavilion in Astana will seek to explore individuals’ everyday interaction with energy. By means of a fun and interactive exhibition, visitors should explore their relationship with energy, get a sense of their own power to use energy in a smart and efficient ways, and learn how they can contribute to a sustainable green future.

At the Swiss Pavilion, cleantech stakeholders, designers, universities, research institutions and exhibitors receive a platform to present both their pragmatic and spectacular projects and displays. Such innovative Swiss solutions, projects and exhibits can relate to both everyday life and larger cutting-edge applications.

Kazakhstan’s Central Asian location and research landscape will attract an engaged international audience, including high-level delegations from all over the world, for our Swiss partners wishing to gain visibility, or looking to broaden their international connections.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, our swissnex mobile will provide our partners with a platform for workshops, supplementary (temporary or thematic) exhibitions, joint lectures, pitching contests, etc.

Exhibition:  The permanent exhibition at the Swiss pavilion will be structured along the 4 chapters outlined below in the visitor’s experience. The total space for the exhibition amounts to 460m2, with a ceiling-height of 8m. The examples are thought as a guideline and should by no means limit the creativity of our prospective partners. In act 5, the swissnex mobile living lab (100m2), we are still very open with regards to format, additional themes and private-public partnerships. Act 6 (75m2) is an exclusive space, aimed at a specific target audience of experts and professionals



Philippe Roesle, Project manager swissnex mobile

Swiss Pavilion Expo 2017 Astana, Presence Switzerland / swissnex mobile, Bundesgasse 32, 3003 Bern.


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