Discover swissnex Boston’s role in the nex20 campaign, celebrating 20 years of innovation and impact as the world's first science consulate and origin of the global swissnex Network.

swissnex Boston turns 20!

It has been 20 years since the founding of swissnex in Cambridge, USA. Driving this adventure was a vision for the future of Switzerland and its formidable innovation potential. Today, swissnex represents an unparalleled platform for connecting tomorrow: a global network dedicated to unlocking, through the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and talent, the imagination needed to create a different world.

Yet what vision of Switzerland can propel the next 20 years of this pioneering institution? Science calls for action: the human and planetary challenges ahead of us will require a burst of creativity and innovation. More than ever, our future depends on our capacity to inspire each other beyond traditional boundaries and collectively forge new paths ahead. Swiss education, research, and innovation must step up to the mark.

For its 20th anniversary, the swissnex Network engages researchers, entrepreneurs, and visionary leaders to imagine the role of Switzerland on the global stage in 2040. Called nex20, the program consists of various activities organized by different swissnex locations across five themes: #ConnectingTomorrow, #WorkingTomorrow, #LivingTomorrow, #MeetingTomorrow, and #LearningTomorrow.

As the world’s first science consulate and origin of the global swissnex Network, swissnex Boston plays a central role in the global nex20 campaign. Below is an overview of our specific contribution.

nex20 Activities

#ConnectingTomorrow Thoughts


Historical Interviews

“swissnex was a breakthrough idea”
Xavier Comtesse, the founding Director of swissnex Boston/SHARE, talks with us about building the project from the ground up, its relevance 20 years ago, and what still makes it special today.
“The idea was to build bridges between science and business”
Former Managing Partner at Swiss private bank Lombard Odier, Thierry Lombard explores how the bank’s initial gift to acquire the grocery store that would become swissnex Boston led the development of a global network championing public-private partnership.
“We wanted to invent a new diplomacy”
Former Swiss State Secretary Charles Kleiber reflects on 20 years of swissnex, and imagines a future Switzerland that tackles global challenges head-on.
“Something new and different could emerge”
Christoph von Arb, former Director of swissnex Boston/SHARE, recounts key moments in the organization’s establishment and development.
“I hope there will be more swissnex-type initiatives”
Evelyn Lager, the first employee of swissnex Boston, talks about the early days at swissnex Boston, from her first meeting with Xavier Comtesse to implementing the first major projects at swissnex.
“We were seeding relationships that very often grew into successful partnerships”
Pascal Marmier, former CEO of swissnex Boston, on entrepreneurial beginnings and key partnerships.
“A two-way exchange for innovative ideas between Switzerland and the US.”
Dr. Felix Moesner, former CEO of swissnex Boston and current CEO of swissnex China talks expansion, acceleration, and key partnerships.
“The only constant at swissnex is change”
Christian Simm, the founder of swissnex San Francisco and former CEO of swissnex Boston, talks about his 20 years at swissnex and how it changed the way he sees Switzerland.
“We developed the initial idea for a physical-digital consulate 20 years ago”
Swiss architects Jeffrey Huang and Muriel Waldvogel talk about how designing swissnex Boston in 2000 changed their lives and helped give rise to a new field of research: convergent architecture.
“We call swissnex our base camp. It was really the foundation of it all.”
Jordi Montserrat of Venturelab talks about the value of having swissnex as a base camp for their Venture Leaders program.
“It was an example of public-private partnership before the term even existed.”
World Economic Forum Executive Committee member Paul Smyke recounts his time as an advisor to swissnex in its early days.

#nex20 Thoughts

Discover thoughts from swissnex Boston’s staff on #ConnectingTomorrow, #WorkingTomorrow, #LearningTomorrow, #LivingTomorrow, and #MeetingTomorrow.