Promoting the exchange of great ideas, talent, and tech between Switzerland and North America.

swissnex Boston helps you plug into Boston and NYC’s innovation ecosystems – to gain experience, build a network of contacts, and expand your business into the US market. Our offerings include entrepreneurial boot camps, targeted introductions, trend scouting and more, all with the goal of successful market entry and growth in North America. Entrepreneurs will benefit from our extended network of mentors, experts and VCs. SMEs and larger companies can take advantage of our trend & talent scouting, cross-industry connections and academic partnerships. Our tailored introductions and support services help increase your chances of success in the competitive North American tech landscape.

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Want to take your company to a new level and go international? swissnex can provide you with a workspace and valuable contacts in the Greater Boston and NYC ecosystems – two of the leading innovation hubs in the US. Connect with potential clients, investors, and talent while also gaining access to legal and business advice from expert mentors. We can customize services to fit your needs with offerings like:

  • Targeted Introductions
  • Innovation Benchmarking
  • Workshops
  • Customized Events
  • Fact Finding Missions
  • Independent Analysis
  • Informational Meetings

The swissnex effect

If you talk to many of our alumni who are now finding success in North America, they’ll tell you that their benefit went beyond workshops, events, and meetings. When you work with us, you become part of the swissnex network – an international community of innovators in technology, academia, art, and beyond. We are a small group of partners that is invested in helping Swiss entrepreneurs. We understand the environment in which Swiss startups are created and the unique challenges they face in entering the North American market. Our partners are not siloed into their specific fields, but rather gain exposure across the many sectors in the swissnex network as they pursue their business goals. We maintain a deep connection not only to the North American innovation ecosystem, but also to the world’s leading research institutions, allowing us to observe emerging trends and tech from the front lines.


swissnex Boston connects Swiss corporations and innovation agencies with key players to access the latest trends in tech and innovation. With a networked, cross-disciplinary team as our backbone, the swissnex staff has access, contacts, and expertise in technology, life sciences, research, design and communication. Our presence in two of the most vibrant academic and innovation hubs in the world (Boston and New York City) and our strong ties to Switzerland make us an excellent partner for Swiss stakeholders visualizing the future of their business in the longterm. Our services are flexible based on your needs but include:

  • Trend and technology scouting
  • Study tours
  • Workshops and roundtables
  • Partnerships with research institutions
  • Residencies and sabbaticals
  • Event coordination

Interested in accessing the Swiss-North American innovators of tomorrow? E-mail Alicia to see what we can do together.

Alicia Evangelista
Head of Innovation+



"Hylomorph is a medical device company, based in Zurich. We know what our product can do and how it fits into the market, but we wanted to pressure test our value proposition with local. doctors and clinicians who will be using the product. Normally, you would go through market research, which costs a lot of money. But in Boston, I got to speak to doctors in person and talk about our product. This is very valuable and will help us with our positioning once we launch the product in the US"
Peter Jackson
CCO / Hylomorph
"The Boston ecosystem is a really brilliant technology ecosystem right now. We like to address a lot of really tough tech problems. And I think partnering with other countries around the world which are also interested in innovation is the only way we are going to get better. And so having swissnex here pushing us, pushing each other to get better and to think bigger, the beauty in that is that we push each other to solve bigger problems. What’s the biggest tech we can solve together?”
Katie Stebbins
Vice President, Economic Development / University of Massachusetts
"The network in the wearable industry here in Boston is very dense. Everyone knows one another and can point you to investors or other relevant contacts. In Boston, you also find all the essential parts of the industry. We had meetings with software companies, but also with hardware companies - and both of them were located here. In Switzerland, you may find the R&D parts, but if you're interested in manufacturing or selling, you need to go somewhere else."
Séverine Chardonnens & Simon Bachmann
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO / IDUN Technologies
“I discovered Boston as a CleanTech-Hub for startups, for crazy ideas with an extensive support system and facilities. The mindset of students and professors is very different from Switzerland. Here in Boston, people are very business-oriented. Everyone wants to found a startup and pushes you to do something”
Nicola Mona
Co-Founder & CEO / Skypull
"My goal coming here was to set the stage and look broadly at companies and venture capitalists. Boston has a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurial ventures in general, but especially in the biotech field. We work in the field of antimicrobial resistances. Our challenge at the public health level is global. So there are companies we might be able to learn from or collaborate with."
Sven Hobbie
Co-Founder & CEO / Juvabis
“The 3-day immersion in the Boston and New York tech ecosystem helped us broaden our understanding of the future trends in digital shift, media business/strategy, social TV and video distribution and consumer behavior. For instance, some technologies developed in the US have highly improved the virality of editorial content over the internet. It’s important for us to understand the underlying business models if we want to anticipate the market. Swissnex was a valuable partner to pinpoint key opinion leaders and latest developments in our industry. [swissnex Boston] was instrumental in connecting our group with the leading practitioners, both in academia and in the industry.”
Serge Gremion
Secrétaire général Ressources & Développement / RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse

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