Here’s what our recent partners have to say:

"Hylomorph is a medical device company, based in Zurich. We know what our product can do and how it fits into the market, but we wanted to pressure test our value proposition with local. doctors and clinicians who will be using the product. Normally, you would go through market research, which costs a lot of money. But in Boston, I got to speak to doctors in person and talk about our product. This is very valuable and will help us with our positioning once we launch the product in the US"
Peter Jackson
CCO / Hylomorph
"The Boston ecosystem is a really brilliant technology ecosystem right now. We like to address a lot of really tough tech problems. And I think partnering with other countries around the world which are also interested in innovation is the only way we are going to get better. And so having swissnex here pushing us, pushing each other to get better and to think bigger, the beauty in that is that we push each other to solve bigger problems. What’s the biggest tech we can solve together?”
Katie Stebbins
Vice President, Economic Development / University of Massachusetts
"The network in the wearable industry here in Boston is very dense. Everyone knows one another and can point you to investors or other relevant contacts. In Boston, you also find all the essential parts of the industry. We had meetings with software companies, but also with hardware companies - and both of them were located here. In Switzerland, you may find the R&D parts, but if you're interested in manufacturing or selling, you need to go somewhere else."
Séverine Chardonnens & Simon Bachmann
Co-Founder, CEO & CTO / IDUN Technologies
“I discovered Boston as a CleanTech-Hub for startups, for crazy ideas with an extensive support system and facilities. The mindset of students and professors is very different from Switzerland. Here in Boston, people are very business-oriented. Everyone wants to found a startup and pushes you to do something”
Nicola Mona
Co-Founder & CEO / Skypull
"My goal coming here was to set the stage and look broadly at companies and venture capitalists. Boston has a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurial ventures in general, but especially in the biotech field. We work in the field of antimicrobial resistances. Our challenge at the public health level is global. So there are companies we might be able to learn from or collaborate with."
Sven Hobbie
Co-Founder & CEO / Juvabis
“The 3-day immersion in the Boston and New York tech ecosystem helped us broaden our understanding of the future trends in digital shift, media business/strategy, social TV and video distribution and consumer behavior. For instance, some technologies developed in the US have highly improved the virality of editorial content over the internet. It’s important for us to understand the underlying business models if we want to anticipate the market. Swissnex was a valuable partner to pinpoint key opinion leaders and latest developments in our industry. [swissnex Boston] was instrumental in connecting our group with the leading practitioners, both in academia and in the industry.”
Serge Gremion
Secrétaire général Ressources & Développement / RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse


"Working with swissnex Boston was extremely valuable in boosting the presence of Uni Basel in the Boston area. In two years of collaboration, we went from almost zero institutional contacts to the launch of an alumni chapter, a permanent presence at the MIT European Career Fair and hosting the Global Perspective Program students."
Erich Thaler
Director of International Affairs / University of Basel
"It has been a pleasure to work with the swissnex Boston team because they share many of the same attributes that Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne values: they support the exchange of global academic knowledge, inspire excellence, openness and innovation. Their business approach of “connecting the dots” in education has proven valuable to us when we have organized outreach events in the local market. swissnex Boston has supported the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne for years and has assisted in helping us grow and increase our brand presence year-round through a joint internship program. We partnered with swissnex Boston because of their high level of professionalism, reputable presence in the region and willingness to work together so we could attain our immediate and long-term goals based on our mutual business needs"
Ikerne Azpilicueta
Director of Admissions and Recruitment / Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
"swissnex Boston offered the environment I was looking for. Although it’s a non-university setting, it sits at the intersection of the 'real' world and the academic world. Boston is unique because of the concentration of MIT and Harvard and many other excellent universities, but also in being a major hub that offers a lot of opportunities. I was able to visit local companies – both startups and major corporations – and several of Boston’s academic institutions. It was great to get to swissnex from the inside and to actually see the diversity of opportunities here. I’m really impressed with what has been accomplished and the staff are knowledgeable, friendly and always willing to help."
Professor Milad Zarin
Chair of Economics / University of Neuchatel
"My experience was outstanding. swissnex Boston organized high-level meetings for me with MIT, Harvard, BU and WPI representatives in the field of digitization. They made it possible for me to quickly access the cutting edge of digitization in the American academic landscape. I gained an extensive new understanding, a considerable new network of contacts, and many valuable ideas to bring back to ZHAW. In the department of Life Sciences and Facility Management, this led to the establishment of a new initiative called "Digitization@N". I would like to express my sincere thanks to swissnex for their support. The experience of working together with swissnex Boston has been awesome!"
Prof. Dr. Urs Hilber
Dean of the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management / ZHAW