Artistic Research Salons

The ARS (artistic research salons) is a joint collaboration between swissnex Boston and TransCultural Exchange.

We first introduced ARS in 2017 as a way to discuss America’s impending adoption of Artistic Research as a requirement for a PhD in the arts.

In 2020 with Artistic Research now well on its way to being embraced by many colleges and universities throughout the US, TransCultural Exchange has decided to broaden the scope of its ARS.

The ARS will still be intimate, informal conversations, conducted over an evening meal. They will remain an integral part to our decades of bringing together people interested in cross-disciplinary and trans-cultural artistic pursuits around the globe. The focus of each ARS, however, will be expanded to encompass more than issues of pedagogy. The gatherings will now –  as with our other projects – be as diverse as our invited guests.

To find out more about individual events in this series check out TransCultural Exchange’s page on each of the seven that have happened so far.

More about TransCultural Exchange

Incorporated Sept. 17, 2002 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, TransCultural Exchange’s mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through high-quality art projects, cultural exchanges and educational programming, most notably, a biennale International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts.

It is also part of the mission of TransCultural Exchange to be inclusive and accessible to all. Accordingly, we will make reasonable accommodation to provide full access to our archives and services at the conference.

To find out more visit their website.