Let’s Play

swissnex Boston and the office in New York are launching the Arts+ track of our swissnex Labs on August 28 – 29 with a summer school course titled ‘Let’s Play — Innovation in the Cultural Sector’. This collaboration with artsnext and the Zurich University of the Arts marks the start for our program on Innovation in Museums coming in 2021.

Cultural institutions are continuously being faced by the challenges of our times. Visitors expect unique experiences and stories and are being courted by a host of offerings for leisure activities. An experience based entertainment industry is shaping the public’s expectations of narrative and appeal in advertisement.  Current findings in education research show that gamified learning can be an effective method to convey complex content in museum education. This summer school gives the students insight into gamification in museums: games help visitors in cultural institutions the opportunity to become an active part of the story and thereby provide an immersive learning experience.

Students will be introduced to innovation methodologies to start developing their own gamified learning experiences and will learn from practitioners about how they develop games for museums.

Kellian Adams Pletcher is the founder of the game design agency “Green Door Labs” in Boston and will be providing insight into her design process. She will give the students an opportunity to learn from her experience of developing games for museums in the US for the past decade.

Date and Time:

28 – 29 August 2020:
Summer School at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

  • 28 August 2020: 12.30pm EST – Public Keynote by Kellian Pletcher at ZHdK

Keynote Speaker:

Kellian Adams Pletcher is the founder and mastermind of Green Door Labs, a company that works with informal education organizations to create playful mobile and location-based learning experiences. She’s worked in many capacities of education technology from QA to sales, production, project management and of course, educational game design. Her work includes many many many games with museums and nonprofits including the Smithsonian, the National Archives and the Science Museum of London. Since founding Green Door Labs in 2012, she’s worked on projects like Murder at the Met with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Agents of Change with the Girl Scouts of America and the DC area museums and most recently, her platform the Edventure Builder and most recently Club Drosselmeyer.



artsnext is an innovation agency from Zurich. They combine creative and artistic principles with entrepreneurial methods for innovation and management and thereby help cultural institutions reach new target markets and train their future skills.


Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) is one of the major universities of the arts in Europe. The study and research programme covers the areas of design, film, fine arts, music, dance, theatre, transdisciplinary studies, and the teaching of arts and design.


Image Credit: Art Escape Room amuze unlocked – artsnext.ch