Experts Meeting: Aerial AI in the Context of International Aid and Development

Event Details


Uni Dufour, University of Geneva
Rue du Général-Dufour 24, Geneva, 1204 Switzerland


December 06, 2018 from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm Europe/Zurich (UTC+01:00)



Event Recap: Experts Meeting – Aerial AI in the Context of International Aid and Development


The Geneva Science-Policy Interface, swissnex Boston, and WeRobotics, recently co-organized an “Experts Meeting” in Geneva where participants discussed the latest advances, technical needs and partnership opportunities to enable the safe and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to speed up the analysis of aerial and satellite imagery (Big Data).

Read a full recap of the event here and check out a recording of the joint public event, Drones for Good – Humanitarian Actions from the Sky.

Event Description

The Geneva Science-Policy Interface, swissnex Boston, and WeRobotics are pleased to invite you to an experts meeting on the use of drones and aerial AI applied to international aid and development efforts. This event is part of swissnex Boston’s “Aerial Futures: The Drone Frontier” and WeRobotics’s “Experts Meetings” series aimed at addressing pivotal issues facing the safe and effective deployment of drones for humanitarian aid, public health, sustainable development and nature conservation.

The Geneva Chapter of this experts meeting will take stock of the very latest developments, opportunities and challenges in the application of AI, machine learning and computer vision to automatically analyze aerial imagery with respect to features of direct interest to the international aid and development community.

The meeting will take advantage of Geneva’s location as a hub where scientists, private actors, NGOs and international organizations are making use of drones to address pressing global challenges in fields such as humanitarian action, migrations, global health and the environment. Best practices and lessons learned from participating experts will help paint a picture of gaps and opportunities at the intersection of science, policy and practice in the field of aerial AI.

The Experts Meeting will seek to identify synergies in existing and planned research as well as projects to formulate a common roadmap in the development of AI solutions for aerial imagery that advance the needs of field actors and policymakers.


14:30                     Check-in

15:00                     Welcome and Introductions

15:10                     Intro to Aerial AI – Patrick Meier, WeRobotics

15:30                     Lightning Talks

16:00                     Open Discussion

17:00                     Wrap-up



Ivana Nady, UNHCR

Frank de Morsier, Picterra

Andrés Rodríguez Escallón, ETH Zurich

Marco Kirschenbaum, Handicap International

Giovanna Di Marzo, University of Geneva

Open AI Tanzania Challenge Winners


Please note that this is a closed event, but those interested in the topic are invited to join the public evening lecture beginning at 6:30pm.