Growing a Harmonious Company

An interactive keynote by company Eventide in partnership with Progressive Investors Network and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce.

Event Details


swissnex Boston
420 Broadway, Cambridge , Massachusetts 02138 United States


February 27, 2020 from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm EST




Companies strive to fulfill the high calling of business to serve the common good by creating compelling value for their customers, employees, suppliers, communities, the environment, and society broadly. But we believe value creation for stakeholders also provides essential insights in true business vitality, competitive advantage, and long-term sustainability and growth – key leading indicators of financial performance. This presentation considers how companies that strive to excel at creating value for stakeholders can also potentially excel at creating value for shareholders.

Who Should Attend

Startups and growing businesses of any size. Anyone eager to learn how to balance the bottom line with the greater good while growing a business.

Event Program

5:30pm – Community Networking: Speaker and audience members are invited to join in a pre-talk    networking session

6:00pm – Welcome and Keynote Presentation

7:00pm – Question & Answer Session

7:30pm – Networking Reception: Stick around to continue the discussion over drinks and snacks



Jason Myhre

Director of Advocacy and Partner
Eventide Asset Management, LLC

Jason Myhre serves as Director of Advocacy at Eventide. In this capacity, he serves as an advocate for “investing that makes the world rejoice”® and the Business 360 investing philosophy to investor, business, and popular audiences.

In prior roles at Eventide, Mr. Myhre led Marketing and Sales. Before joining Eventide, he worked in internal sales and managed key customer relationships for Altec.

He holds a M.S. and a B.S. in Biological Engineering from the University of Florida.



Eventide Asset Management, LLC, is a Boston-based registered investment adviser pursuing “investing that makes the world rejoice.” ® Founded in 2008, Eventide’s vision is to serve individuals, financial advisors, and institutions by seeking to provide high-performing investments that we believe create compelling value for the global common good.


Align your investments with your values


Progressive Investors Network is committed to helping clients align their investments with their values through socially and environmentally responsible portfolios. Portfolios that help you pursue your financial goals and impact our world, through advocating for social justice, sustainable environmental practices, and corporate accountability.


The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New England (SACC-NE) is a member-based trade and networking organization and the leading Swedish-American business network in the region. SACC-NE’s mission is to accelerate trade, commerce, investment relationships, and support Swedish businesses and individuals succeed in the US market, as well as highlighting entrepreneurial, innovative and educational initiatives between Sweden the US. This is achieved through promoting and supporting business ideas and organizations in the New England region, offering local insights and regional connections, and by providing a forum for dialogue and exchange. Everything SACC-NE does is with the overall purpose to further strengthen and develop the bond between Sweden and the U.S.