Startup Networking Day

Learn about this cohort of startups, ask questions, and make connections in small networking groups.

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February 18, 2021 from 9:00 am - 10:30 am EST


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Join our Swiss bootcamp cohort for an informal networking event.  We invite anyone in the US who is interested in innovation or startup development to join.  Our startups represent some of the best of MedTech, biotech, hospitality, software, transportation from Switzerland. Learn what they are doing, ask questions, and make connections in small networking groups.

Date & Time:

February, Thursday 18th, 2021 at 9:00 – 10:30 am Eastern, 3:00 – 4:30 pm CET

Meet our Spring Cohort

Dr. Ignacio Faus – President

Dr. Ignacio Faus is the Chairman of the Board at Abologix.  Dr. Faus holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Indiana University and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.  He has 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including at BMS-Inserm, Uriach, Ferrer, Palau Pharma, The Sage Group and DRI Capital.


Abologix is a biotech development company leveraging unique oncology molecules from the University of Geneva.  The company’s lead molecule is humanized monoclonal antibody blocking the function of the adhesion molecule, JAM-C.  It has applications for the treatment of drug-resistant lymphomas, particularly rare or untreatable subsets such as Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  The antibody has been validated in mice and is undergoing toxicity testing. 


Antoine Belaieff – North American Lead

Antoine Belaieff is the Lead, North America at FAIRTIQ. Prior to joining the company, Antoine spent the last 10 years at Metrolinx, the Toronto Region’s transit authority, where he occupied a range of senior roles in innovation, sustainability, long-range planning, customer and fare experience. A native of Geneva, Switzerland, Antoine is a registered professional planner in Ontario and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. 



FAIRTIQ offers a platform that simplifies fare collection for riders and transit authorities. Rather than transit riders calculating the best ticket for their journey, the FAIRTIQ app optimizes the cost for the traveled route so the user ticket is accurate, dynamic, and available mid-journey for inspection.  For transit providers, FAIRTIQ is a cost-effective solution to modernization needs, using a tracking app rather than tickets, cards, and tills.



Marius Disler – CEO

Marius Disler is CEO and founder of mikafi after working several years as a business designer for a global technology consultancy, guiding existing businesses into the future. He has a professional background in marketing and graduated with a BSc. in Business Administration and an MA. in Business & Design after writing his thesis about revolutionizing today’s coffee ecosystem by enabling everyone to roast coffee: the birth of mikafi. Marius is a visionary and uses his tireless energy to merge business, design, and technology for the better. In his free time, he loves ski touring, cooking, reading, and drinking freshly roasted coffee.



mikafi makes coffee roasting and quality coffee easily accessible in every retail and hospitality location. The startup designed a product that allows their clients to create a more personalized coffee experience for each of their customers. Thanks to their technology, clients are able to roast coffee grains directly on-site, relying on a fully automated process that doesn’t require them to have any knowledge about coffee roasting while simultaneously collecting data about their customers’ preferences.


Claudia Scheckel – CEO

Claudia is originally from Munich, studied in Germany and the US, and then moved to Switzerland for her Ph.D. After having worked for almost 10 years in biomedical research in New York and Zurich, Claudia is now progressing scientific knowledge as the CEO of Oncobit.


Oncobit enables personalized cancer care by developing highly sensitive diagnostic and monitoring tests, to find the best cancer treatment for each patient. We are addressing the rapidly expanding market of precision oncology and personalized disease monitoring using non-invasive technologies. We perform the complex bioinformatic analysis and data interpretation and provide results and therapy-decision support in personalized reports that are tailored to the physicians’ and patients’ needs. We are based in Zurich and our founding team consists of professionals with deep expertise in oncology, bioinformatics, software development, and management.


Alexander Nitsch – CEO

Alexander Nitsch is the co-founder and CEO of OxyPrem. Alex holds an MBA in international business administration from the University of Tübingen, Germany. Over the past ten years, he has acquired considerable experience working in startup projects and companies of various kinds. Whether the topic is hedge funds, travel e-commerce or financial IT, Alex immerses himself in the subject matter and dedicates himself to the advancement of the project. He is currently focusing on the project development side, finding new ways for OxyPrem to move into the outside world.



OxyPrem has developed an advanced non-invasive tissue oximeter for the measurement of brain oxygenation in high-risk patients, specifically in newborns and children up to 3 years of age.  The reusable OxyPrem device uses near-infrared signals to determine absolute hemoglobin in any human tissue that is at least 30mm thick. It has a false positive rate that is lower than leading marketed devices, is CE marked, and in use in eight European countries. 


John Klepper – CEO

John is the co-founder and CEO of Pipra. He is a serial entrepreneur with 16 years of founding and growing technology-based companies. John also has several board mandates and is experienced in lean startup, operational management, structuring, strategic planning, raising capital. Prior to starting Pipra, John had 1 successful exit and 3 ventures in various stages of growth.



PIPRA AG (short for Pre-Interventional Preventive Risk Assessment) is developing a cutting-edge AI-based pre-operative test to assess a patient’s risk of suffering from cognitive disorders after surgery. By assessing risk, it is possible to take informed palliative steps to prevent or mitigate post-operative delirium and decrease the cost of post-operative care.  PIPRA has a unique and proprietary dataset of patients that were used to build and verify the algorithms. 


Penny Schiffer – CEO

Penny Schiffer, CEO: Penny is a VC investor turned entrepreneur. For over a decade she contributed to Swiss telecom Swisscom in M&A and innovation, has invested in 26 European startups, was invited to give a talk in Stanford on the Swiss startup ecosystem and built a tomato plant business at the age of 8. is building the data-driven sourcing tool for the venture capital industry: our automated sourcing technology can increase the number of deals 8x without adding staff or other expenses. Through public signals and alternative data we detect startups as early as possible, giving our customers a head start of many months compared to traditional sourcing. We prioritize which companies to look at first with a proprietary scoring model trained on a 40K global startup data set, ranking the startups according to their chances of being successful moving forward.


Christoph Irving – Head of Partnerships

Chris loves to challenge any status quo with contagious energy. Especially the one preventing independent hoteliers from letting technology assist them in selling their brand and running an efficient business. It truly hurts to see how much time, money, and energy is being wasted by not embracing valuable tools that can literally change lives. On a mission to inspire hoteliers, Chris establishes close partnerships with technology providers and hospitality institutions to bring our value to the industry. Besides creating partnerships, you’ll find him studying the human mind, traveling (around the garden, nowadays), or simply enjoying some good music with a nice cocktail.


RoomPriceGenie was created with the dream of making revenue management accessible to everyone. It needs to be simple enough that a non-technical person can happily use it. It needed to be affordable enough for any type and size accommodation. And it needed to provide top-quality automated pricing recommendations. We like to think we have achieved that. We have a product our clients love. Smaller hotels leave the system to do everything. Experienced revenue managers really appreciate the transparency and control. And now it is time to expand our value globally together with you.



Twan Vollebregt – CEO

Dr. Twan Vollebregt is CEO and co-founder of Traverz. He is a successful serial entrepreneur and senior executive, with deep experience in product & commercial strategy development and implementation in scalable tech, across Europe and globally. Twan has particular strengths in spotting market opportunities, developing a clear vision and strategy, steering tech development and operations, and driving commercialization. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research.



Product Search in e-commerce and marketplaces is far too often leaving the consumer very confused and frustrated – resulting in abandoned carts and missed sales. And this is not surprising: Filters and search bars are a technology-driven user experience, and they do not match fuzzy human thinking. Traverz delivers a unique Conversational Recommendation technology layer to e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, that delivers a preference-based search experience driven by clever UX and modern AI. By humanizing online product search, Traverz supports the consumer from initial awareness and discovery, through to narrowing the search and making a confident purchase – thereby improving platform conversion and loyalty.


Paulo Refinetti – CEO

Paulo Refinetti is the founder and CEO of REM Analytics. Paulo holds a PhD in Bioengineering & Applied Statistics from EPFL, conducted jointly with MIT. 


REM Analytics offers a rapid analytical platform to achieve 10x greater sensitivity than PCR in microbial genetic profiling. The platform lends itself to monitoring the composition of probiotic products and the effectiveness of health and nutrition products targeting the microbiome. REM’s ATGC platform service is currently in use in Europe with commercial partners.