swissnex at the Northside Festival

Heidi meets high-tech in Brooklyn this summer, as we are showcasing Switzerland’s innovative industries at the Northside Festival through a partnership with the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York and the Swiss Business Hub USA.

Event Details


Northside Festival // Innovation Expo
McCarren Park, 776 Lorimer Streeet, Brooklyn, New York 112222 United States


June 11, 2015 11:00 am - June 12, 2015 6:00 pm America/New York (UTC-05:00)


Free // Northside Festival Badges


At this year’s edition of the Northside Festival’s Innovation Expo we’ll be present with a booth and host a pitchfest together with Belgium and the Netherlands. Come see us on June 11th and June 12th, we’ve got plenty of Swiss made innovation to awe you with!

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The Switzerland booth will feature interactive experiences such as a flight simulation on Birdly, the virtual reality experience of flying through the air like a bird created by students at Zurich University of the Arts, which is currently on view in New York at the Museum of the Moving Image until June 8.  Learn about the Swiss endeavor Solar Impulse — the first solar aircraft to fly around the world without fuel — led by Swiss adventurers and pilots Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, which will land in New York this summer. Take a tour of Switzerland through the beautiful Swiss aerial landscape images captured by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, brought to the screen courtesy of Switzerland Tourism.


Throughout both days, entrepreneurs from some of Switzerland’s hottest startups will be at the Swiss booth. Come meet these founders and hear about their cool ventures!
TIMEREPUBLIK – TIMEREPUBLIK is a global online Community which allows users to exchange services, where the unit of currency is not money, but time. Here, everyone’s time really is created equal. TIMEREPUBLIK allows its members to freely exchange services needed. Two users don’t have to mutually swap services with each other. Instead, everyone can switch around, earning and spending units of time. Example: You can give your event planning expertise to a member who’s talented in interior design, but you don’t need interior design help, so you use the hours of time you earned to get computer programming help from a completely different member. Everybody wins.

Flatev – A Swiss startup with the ambition to fundamentally change the way people eat at home. Our brilliant team developed a pod-based machine for tortillas and rotis. Think of it like a coffee machine that makes flatbread. Instead of ground coffee, our pods are filled with fresh dough with natural and healthy ingredients. You pop them into our machine, push the button, and in seconds you get a piping hot, fresh tortilla on your plate.

Starmind – Starmind is a pioneer in offering a self-learning technology which applies latest insights from neuroscience and artificial intelligence in order to network and map internal know-how of large corporations. Starmind’s “Brain Technology” is dynamic as it is autonomously evolving based on unique self-learning algorithms. It analyses internal problems and questions posted by employees and automatically routes these to the identified top experts within the corporation.

Fotokite – Fotokite is a unique solution for versatile aerial photography. We are building a safe, intelligent flying camera that anyone can deploy in under a minute. The Fotokite Pro is a tethered flying camera system designed for reliable and safe flight with a quick deployment time. The professional Fotokite version has been designed for customers requiring access to bird’s-eye perspectives with unparalleled ease of use.

BestMile – In the fight against excessive use of personal transportation in town, conventional public transport solutions suffer from the distance which separates the last stop from the final destination of the user. This is especially true in periurban areas of medium density in which it is economically unviable to make public transport denser. This last step of transportation, known as the last mile, is thus discouraging for users who appreciate the door-to-door solution offered by individual transportation. Shared mobility services (e.g, car or bike sharing) as well as smart transport systems, with or without drivers, offer a solid alternative to traditional transport solutions. Decrease in vehicle sizes, combined with the customisation of public transports, allow to improve the offer in areas where the efficiency of such means of locomotion depend on their complementarity with already existing offers. BestMile is a Swiss startup active in developing solutions and services for urban mobility. These offers are designed to manage any vehicle fleet which brings a solution to the last mile problem.

1DropDiagnostics – 1 Drop Diagnostics is a cutting edge medical diagnostics and life science company. We combine the best techniques from microfluidics, biochemistry, photonics and information technology to build high performance point-of-care diagnostics devices. The 1Drop Diagnostics system is being developed for a broad menu of clinical applications including multiplexed assays of proteins, nucleic acids and peptides. Our first clinical applications are in the screening, diagnostics and monitoring of cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and iron store assessment.

Attendance to the booth is FREE but registration is required. Register for the Expo here.


To kick-off the Innovation Conference at-large, Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka swissmiss, will give the Keynote speech at the Wythe Main Room, Entrepreneurship Stage on Thursday, June 11 @ 10am. As Northside so perfectly encapsulates, “If you’ve ever wondered who’s behind that temporary tattoo renaissance, the latest in to-do list tech, the most creative of collaborative spaces and putting the lecture back in breakfast, you have one woman to thank, and she goes by swissmiss. Tina Roth Eisenberg, born and raised in Switzerland and now based in New York, is bringing her experience at the helm of the design community to this year’s pool of talent. Swissmiss doubles as Tina’s design blog and studio and one of Twitter’s best loved handles…” Don’t miss Tina’s keynote address, open to all festival badge holders! And in case you missed it, check out our interview with Tina here.



Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland Innovation Pitch Competition

Start-up ventures and entrepreneurs from Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands will compete against each other in a “Heart of Europe” pitch-fest during the Northside Innovation conference! Join us to watch some of Switzerland’s best startups present their companies in a lightning-round pitch competition.

A panel of seasoned judges will preside over the pitch-off,  including Thomas Wisniewski (RosePaul Ventures), Tanya Menendez (Maker’s Row) and Anthony Ha (TechCrunch), which will be moderated by Elliot Tomaeno (Astrsk).

The pitch-off takes place Thursday, June 11th from 2 – 4pm in the Wythe Hotel Screening Room. Three sets of startups will compete, with a winner chosen from each round. The three winners will then compete in a final pitch-off, where one winner will be chosen for the prize!

The Heart of Europe pitch competition prize is a 1.5 hour consultation with Elliot Tomaeno (founder) and Elisabeth Rosario (managing director) from Astrsk PR. This will cover: ways you can generate media for your startup right now, strategy consultation on brand direction, social media tactics, positioning strategy, and any other questions in regards to PR and marketing! In addition, the winning entrepreneur will be granted one month desk space at his/her country’s startup incubator in New York and have access to a local entrepreneur/coach from their home country, who will provide in-house mentorship.

About Elliot Tomaeno, Master of Ceremonies and Moderator of Pitchest


Elliot Tomaeno, founder of Astrsk, understands the intersection between tech and PR. As one of Business Insider’s “50 Best Public Relations People in the Tech Industry” and one of The Next Web’s “50 People in the NYC Tech Scene You Need to Know,” his expertise goes beyond the years of working in more traditional PR roles.

Upon founding the company, Elliot pledged to do 10 percent of his PR work pro bono for startups that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford expensive consultants.

Before Astrsk, Elliot built his PR portfolio working as the assistant to the director of public relations at his alma mater, Franklin University Switzerland. Since 2008, he has built experience working with clients at Spin Communications, Wyndstorm, Ballou PR, and Enloop.

In 2012, he left his position as head of consumer technology at Morris & King Co to build his own PR firm.  Astrsk has helped launch more than 200 startups and tech products and has been a part of seven exits.




Our participation at the Northside Festival in Brooklyn NY is one of 15 events designated to celebrate swissnex Boston’s 15 years of connecting the dots between Switzerland and North America in science, education, art and innovation.  

In the fall of 2000, Switzerland opened the world’s first ‘scientific consulate’ in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 15 years later, swissnex is a global network, with offices in Boston (Cambridge), Brazil, China, India, Singapore and San Francisco.