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National Geographic explorer Sarah Marquis will regale us with tales of her wild adventure: 10,000 miles walking from Siberia to Australia over the course of three years. Interviewed by Heidi Legg of

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Cambridge Public Library
449 Broadway, Cambridge, 02138 United States


March 01, 2016 from 5:45 pm to 8:30 pm America/New York (UTC-05:00)


Free and open to the public

A conversation with an award-winning writer-explorer

Sarah Marquis, the Swiss adventurer and writer, was nominated as Adventurer of the Year by National Geographic in 2014, and named European Adventurer in 2013. She walked solo 10,000 miles from Siberia to Australia, and then wrote a book about it, Wild by Nature, which was released in the US on February 9th. She has been profiled in The New York Times Magazine and National Geographic, and has been walking around the globe– almost non-stop– for the past 23 years. See other talks she’s given here.

Sarah will be interviewed in front of a live audience about her adventures and accomplishments by Heidi Legg, the journalist behind the popular Boston newsletter



She enjoyed a wild childhood in the countryside, climbing trees and watching birds for hours at a time. When she was a child, she burned with an intense curiosity. This inner thrill for discovery would shape her, make her flexible but strong. She emerged from childhood ready for the next step.

With no pocket money, Sarah started the thankless task of slug hunting in the family vegetable garden at the age of seven. She earned one franc for every 100 slugs. No matter the weather, she worked and saved to have the eight francs she needed for a copy of her dream magazine, National Geographic.

When she was eight years old she took off with her dog to spend the night in a cave and didn’t tell anyone where she was going. Her taste for traveling brought her to Australia, but it was in New Zealand that she encountered the full experience of walking. It was here that she made her decision: she would walk to fulfill her desire for discovery, and her need to try to understand Life. She spent time in Patagonia, where kilometer after kilometer she explored the land. She stayed in Moorea (French Polynesia) where she was attracted to the beauty of the islands and their inhabitants. She explored Canada by canoe and in 2000 she crossed the United States by foot, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border: it was 4,260 kilometers in four months and six days on a path full of obstacles. It was the famous PCT. At that point she thought she had reached the limit of her abilities. But then the Australian bush beckoned her once again (over the years she has returned regularly to rejuvenate). From up in the snowy mountains of Switzerland, she thought up a wild plan: to cross the Australian deserts alone and on foot…

“The fire that had always burned inside me would become my passion, my job, my life.”


HEIDI LEGG  is the Founder of where she interviews visionaries and thinkers around her in Boston and Cambridge, USA. She weaves together these big thinkers in their fields, using a singular long-format interview, much like The Paris Review for writers.

She then brings these visionaries together for live events to discuss ideas around disruption, change, realities and utopias. Heidi’s work has been published in, The Boston Globe’s, and

March is the month of the Francophonie in New England. Talk the Walk is part of La Grande Soirée Scientifique de la Francophonie for 2016.



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