Une innovation disruptive en oncologie

Cafe des Sciences #78 is upon us! This month will be hosted by the French Tech Hub, featuring Medical Oncologist Dr. Rémy Brossel.

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CIC Boston | Milky Way Event Space
50 Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 United States


November 01, 2016 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm America/New York (UTC-05:00)



Le French Tech Hub, en tant que partenaire du Café des Sciences de Boston, vous invite à assister au Café des Sciences #78

La présentation

Cancer has some of the biggest unmet needs in the healthcare industry and is one the leading causes of death in the US. Physical oncology, also known as “mechanobiology,” appeared 10 years ago in the United States through the development of advanced technologies at the interface of biology and engineering. It focuses on the way that physical forces and changes in cell or tissue mechanics contribute to development, physiology, and disease.

Dr. Remy Brosell and his team in France have discovered a new way to treat cancer using constraint fields to cause physical disruption to the cells. The proof of concept was validated in April 2016 to show there is a significant difference of growth between treated tumors and control groups using gradient fields. Results were published as “Action of Mechanical Cues in vivo on the Growth of a Subcutaneously Grafted Tumor” (Published 21 April 2016, PloS One, R Brossel et al). The approach uses a combination of two medical devices: A generator for gradient of magnetic field and magnetized iron nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are located around the tumor and act as ‘BioActuators’ transforming magnetic energy into mechanical energy. The therapeutic agent is the Constraint Field.


Notre invité: Dr. Rémy Brossel, Medical Oncologist and a Physicist graduated at Paris University and Medical School


Rémy Brossel is a Medical Oncologist and a Physicist graduated at Paris University and Medical School. Remy is currently CSO and Founder of Cell Constraint & Cancer a Biotech dedicated to in vivo application of Physical Oncology. Remy has been previously Product Manager at Technician and Project Manager at Schering (Contrast Media and Biotech products) and has been founder and Medical Director of Biologie et Industrie a CRO dedicated to early clinical research on Cancer treatments for last two decades.




[Présentation en français]
18h30 : Accueil & Mot de bienvenue
19h00 : Présentation
19h45 : Réseautage avec rafraîchissements