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Ready, set, experiment_

At swissnex Boston, we’ve always put a strong emphasis on the value of experimenting. We are always tinkering with new ideas, more innovative ways to approach our work, and how to best bring that content to you, our network. As our world has continued to present ever-growing challenges to our “normal” way of life, we wanted to create a space where we can be a bit more flexible and creative in delivering our content: thus, we created experiment_ .

How will it work? Every so often you’ll receive an email from us with the latest issue of experiment_ . In each issue, expect to put your thinking cap on, as we explore new theories, frameworks, and approaches within our areas of thought leadership. As we learn and adapt, the format and content of each issue is likely to change from one to the next. We want to provide something more than a newsletter — to bring you content in new ways that is thought-provoking, engaging and interesting. Last but not least, each issue will contain a prompt — a chance for you, our readers, to engage with the content of that issue. Together, we will experiment, adapt, and innovate.


Please feel free to review all of our past issues.


experiment_podcast tells the stories of and connects the dots between scientists, artists, start-ups, and innovators working across the world.


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