Aerial Futures: The Drone Frontier @ HUBweek

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Drones, a “wind wall”, an interactive table, and more


HUBweek Demos and Exhibitions

We gathered a selection of some of the most exciting drone exhibitors from Switzerland and the United States to bring to HUBweek. Expect an eclectic selection of UAVs – bio-inspired, micro, and more – as well as their unique and exciting array of applications.

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Name Location Area Description

EPFL FlyJacket
CH EPFL’s FlyJacket allows users to directly pilot drones with their torso, heralding a new frontier in human-drone interaction.

CH The foldable PackDrone is Dronistics’ last-centimeter human-friendly and safe drone delivery system

US Leading experts in aerial pollination technology, Dropcopter performed the world’s first apple pollination with drones in May 2019

TruWeather Solutions
US TruWeather Solutions translates weather data into actionable decisions for operations, logistics, emergency management, and outdoor events.

CH DroneHarmony is a drone flight planner that has just launched the market-first fully automated 3D mission planner for inspection events.

CH IDSIA’s novel approach to drone localization and landing through a simple pointing gesture interaction.

TopFlight Technologies
USA TopFlightTech’s Airborg is a fuel-based drone with extended flight time, enhanced payload capacity and on-board computing.

CH Skypull high-altitude drone is able to produce low-cost electricity from more energetic winds in almost any location on the globe.

CH The ZHAW Research Group for Geoinformatics employs aerial data for projects ranging from vegetation mapping to plastic waste qualification.

US AirWorks creates highly accurate aerial maps and 3D models to make construction and development projects more efficient and reduce costs.

CH EPFL’s Laboratory of Intelligent Systems, headed by Dr. Dario Floreano, is a world-class lab for the development of drone tech.

GGBa and GZA
CH Interested in the Swiss drone ecosystem? Get insights and advice from experts from the Greater Geneva and Bern area and the Greater Zurich Area.

US Quantifly uses high-resolution aerospatial imagery to observe, measure, and quantify changes in the urban environment.

swiss aeropole
CH Switzerland’s leading aerospace innovation park, Swiss Aeropole is set to be a world-class hub for drone technology development and testing.

US SnotBot is drone collecting the blow of whales, providing useful information about the animals as well as the quality of the water of our oceans.

US GENIUS NY is a year-long business accelerator that awards five finalist teams a total of $3 million in investments. GENIUS NY is focused on Unmanned Systems; software, hardware, analytics, IoT.

CH WindShape innovative testing technology will speed up your product development and lead your team to better and quicker results.


“So we have demonstrated our work a lot but mostly to simply people who are curious and enthusiastic about science and research. And here it’s a great opportunity for us to work with these people and get their feedback. Sometimes it’s harsh feedback but we like it. It’s how we get better.”
Jennifer Miehlbradt
PhD student / EPFL
"I love the name Aerial Futures in part because I’m excited by next steps leaving this event. I met all sorts of people from educators to technologists to scientists. No doubt about it, for the me the event has been a win-win.”
Iain Kerr
CEO / Ocean Alliance
"Events like this allow entrepreneurs to really network and talk about their ideas and collaborate in the future. A lot of us operate in what seems like a small bubble because we know our industries but it’s hard to see what’s going on in the drone space outside of those. So these events really bring those together and allow us to see what’s a value-added service that we could offer each other in our portfolio to our customers and it’s very useful."
Adam Fine
Co-founder & CTO / Dropcopter
“The diversity that we heard [at the event] was really remarkable. We heard about biology. We heard about city planning. We heard about construction technology and apple orchards. And you could say we heard about drones but in reality what we heard about was seven different global problems that we’re all trying to fix where this application of drones is making some really interesting headway for us.”
Katie Stebbins
Vice President, Economic Development / University of Massachusetts
"This event was our first exhibition in the US. It was a great opportunity for us to meet with business partners and potential customers. Not only this was a nice opportunity for networking but also we were able to showcase our technology for the first time in the US."
Guillaume Catry
Co-founder and CEO / WindShape
"The swissnex crew put together a great event representing a wide variety of industries that drones are beginning to service today and showed a glimpse of what the future will look like with drones serving mankind in ways that we couldn't have imagined until only recently."
Rob Knochenhauer
Director of Flight Operations & Regulatory Affairs / GreenSight Agronomics

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