swissnex Boston and AERIAL FUTURES are partnering to look forward towards the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Thanks to the support of Swiss Touch, we brought to Boston another event in our Aerial Futures: The Drone Frontier series – AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension.

The Third Dimension

Increasing congestion and advances in autonomous technology are set to transform how we move around our cities. Many are now looking to the sky — the third dimension — as an expansive space for new kinds of mobility. Autonomous flying vehicles, such as cargo drones and flying taxis, have the capacity to transform how we move goods and passengers around urban space. Responding to these real-world changes, AERIAL FUTURES: The Third Dimension examined Urban Air Mobility (UAM), asking how scalable and on-demand UAM models could reduce road traffic, pollution, accidents and the strain on existing public transport networks.

Presented by Swiss Touch, AERIAL FUTURES, and swissnex Boston.

Experts Meeting

We invited over 30 experts from the fields of aviation, innovation, engineering, regulation, architecture, design and urban planning to join a multi-disciplinary conversation across dimensions on the future of our lower skies. In four sessions, the think tank explored the realms of policy, design, technology and business related to UAM. At the end of an intensive day, we were left with more questions than answers. The participants agreed on at least one common denominator: we’re really just at the beginning of our journey.

Graphic Recording

To preserve the conversations in the room and engage the participants, we collaborated with Graphic Recorder Mike Petitto of the Boston based design solutions company “Collective Next”. For each session, Mike captured the key insights and narratives in life drawings.

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Read our recap of the expert’s meeting including some of our favorite quotes.



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Listen to The Urbanist podcast cover our event, produced by Monocle.




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