The Founders Coalition

They all have the same goal: entering the US market. For swissnex Boston’s 20th anniversary, we built a knowledge and community platform to support this quest.

#LearningTomorrow: Launching the Founders Coalition


The Swiss market is a valuable proving ground for startups, providing ample support for early growth, financing, and mentorship. However, Switzerland is a small market without significant late-stage capital, meaning that many startups will need to internationalize to further grow. Exploring foreign markets early is a wise strategy for Swiss startups, which can incorporate learnings and feedback from abroad into their expansion plans. Currently, existing support for internationalization is limited to time-intensive, live, and in-person programs intended for mid- to later-stage startups. As a response, swissnex Boston has decided to provide online learning experiences to prepare startups and promising entrepreneurs earlier for the process of entering the US market, both during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

Launched under the theme of #LearningTomorrow in our 20th anniversary campaign nex20, swissnex’s Founders Coalition is a learning and community platform that allows founders to connect to the information and relationships needed to find a pathway to internationalize in the US. Specifically, the Founders Coalition is an invite-only subscription platform where startups can access important market, cultural, legal, communications, and strategy resources as well as gain access to swissnex startup staff. Hosted on Mighty Networks, the Founders Coalition also provides startups with chat and messaging functions that allow them to connect to other startups and founders who either have valuable experience to share or are navigating through the same challenges.

Who is it for?

  • Innosuisse startups accepted into an internationalization camp
  • University startup incubator and accelerators
  • Angel investor cohorts
  • Individuals or students

Live Demo

November 10, at 9:00am – 10:00am EST | 3:00pm – 4:00pm CET

Interested in getting more information or joining the Live Demo? Contact Alicia Evangelista, Head of Innovation+ at swissnex Boston to sign up:



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