Venture Leaders 2019 Announced | Learn more about the startups arriving soon in Boston

The Venture Leaders – the members of the Swiss National Startup Team – have a clear-cut goal. They envision themselves as global players and want to take the first step to their global expansion. The Venture Leaders’ startup development program with swissnex Boston is specifically structured to help them achieve these goals. This intense journey offers 10 selected entrepreneurs an accelerated learning curve and a solid network through their exchanges with their peers in the team, as well as market exposure, feedback from investors and experts, and hands-on business development.

Life Sciences

Ten new startups have been selected for Venture Leaders Life Sciences 2019. Chosen from among the most-promising life sciences startups in Switzerland, the team will embark on a packed, week-long roadshow in Boston. Learn more about these exciting startups that will be joining us in Boston June 10 – 14.

4D Lifetec AG | Arne-Christian Faisst

Unreliable tumor detection leads to unspecific therapy. 4D Lifetec is developing a fast, cost-effective and more precise assay to help identify lung and prostate cancers earlier. The company’s liquid biopsy assay device is currently undergoing clinical testing.

Juvabis AG | Sven Hobbie | ETH Zurich

Drug-resistant bacteria are a threat to modern medicine. Juvabis, a joint startup of the ETH and University of Zurich, is preparing its new, small-molecule antibiotic for clinical trials in humans this year.

Medyria AG | Mauro Sette

Aneurysm repairs prevent bloated blood vessels from bursting dangerously. These vital interventions have harmful side-effects. Medyria’s sensor uses blood flow velocity to measure a catheter’s location, helping reduce the risk of spinal injuries during surgery.

Pattern BioSciences AG | Yaakov Benenson | ETH Zurich

Developing sophisticated drugs to increase the chance of effective cancer treatment by targeting combinations of molecules, instead of single molecules. The company’s lead candidate to treat liver cancer is in pre-clinical development.

Positrigo AG | Jannis Fischer | ETH Zurich

Alzheimer’s affects 50 million people worldwide. PET scanners can reveal proteins linked to the disease 20 years before the cognitive effects are noticeable. Positrigo’s scanner will reduce the cost tenfold, making precautionary scanning viable.

Resistell AG | Danuta Cichocka | EPF Lausanne

Developed a diagnostic device to identify the best antibiotic to treat a particular infection between 10- and 100-times faster. This reduces the cost of hospital infections and slows antibiotic resistance, by helping treat infection with the correct antibiotic first time.

Scailyte AG | Peter Nestorov | University of Basel

Single-cell analysis is tipped to become a key tool in biomedical research. Currently, the industry can’t extract all the data from highly complex single-cells. Scailyte is developing AI-based data analytics to boost research, drug discovery and precision diagnostics.

Synendos Therapeutics | Andrea Chicca | University of Bern

Developing drugs to treat post-traumatic stress disorder and other neuropsychiatric disorders by modulating a new target. Restores natural brain functioning by inhibiting endocannabinoid transport across cell membranes. An effective, breakthrough therapy.

TOLREMO Therapeutics AG | Stefanie Flückiger-Mangual | ETH Zurich

Cancer drugs often lose their effectiveness over time, which makes tumors that require continuing treatment difficult to manage. TOLREMO’s new molecules eradicate drug-resistant cancer cells at the start of therapy and can be combined with existing drugs.

Volumina Medical SA | Amélie Béduer | EPF Lausanne

Developed an injectable scaffolding that helps the body to rebuild after surgery. Enables the natural reconstruction of soft tissues, as well as glandular, connective and supporting tissues. The first product will serve women’s reconstructive therapy after a mastectomy.