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Alumni Stories

About the project

With the alumni stories project, we’re celebrating what makes the swissnex network special – our people! Throughout the years, we’ve seen an incredible variety of talented colleagues step through our doors in Boston and New York, many of whom go on to create their own companies or lead aspiring projects. 

To highlight this diverse network, we’ve selected five unique alumni to share their very personal tales and invited Swiss graphic designer and illustrator Christina Baeriswyl to visualize their journeys. 

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring some of the eclectic stories of those who are part of our global network of innovators and have made swissnex Boston what it is today. And for fellow alumni, share your own journey on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter with #swissnexalumni.


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Meet Our Alumni

Junior Project Manager (Mar 2011 - Sep 2011)
Thomas grew up in the small Jurassian town of Delemont and has never left Switzerland for more than three weeks. Hence, when his professor recommended him for an internship in Boston, it was a major step for Thomas.
Thomas Boillat
Advisor Education and Academic Affairs (Mar 2009 - Aug 2011)
It’s hard not to believe in fate after hearing the story of Jacqueline Gasser-Beck. Throughout the larger part of her adult life, Jacqueline’s path kept circling her back to the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. To this day, the picturesque New England town has left a significant mark on her career, character and family.
Jacqueline Gasser-Beck
Junior Project Manager (Mar 2016 - Aug 2016)
Every semester, the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne (HEC Lausanne) selects a group of talented students, of which one gets picked for an internship at swissnex in New York. In spring 2016, this lucky student was Oliver.
Oliver Jutzi
Junior Project Manager (Jan 2016 - June 2016)
When Valerie Koller was a little girl, she dreamt of space - The infinite and vast nature of the universe. “Don’t we all look up and wonder what’s out there?”. Little did she know back then that someday she would work for the European Space Agency - through a string of connections she made at swissnex Boston. Today, we’re telling Valerie’s story.
Valerie Koller
Project Leader Art x Science (Dec 2015 - July 2018)
Cécile wasn’t planning on going abroad. She wanted to work for a couple of years, save some money and then travel the world. Then her life took an unexpected twist. She moved to the East Coast, navigated her way through the vast waters of the North American art world and...found love, both in her job and her private life.
Cecile Vulliemin

Illustrated Journeys

Discover the artworks of Swiss Graphic Designer and Illustrator Christina Baeriswyl, who beautifully visualized our swissnex alumni stories.

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About the Artist

Christina Baeriswyl

The “Illustrateuse” Christina Baeriswyl resides and creates in Zurich. Before she decided to become self-employed, she studied Visual Communications and worked as Art Directrice in various ad agencies.

Her work manifests a poignant testimony, nested in dreamlike scenes. Christina describes her style as reduced, almost minimal, so as to aim the spotlight at the underlying conceptual idea of her illustrations.    

Christina’s work has been featured in a broad range of publications, including: NZZ, NZZ Folio, WOZ, Annabelle, deVolkskrant, Surprise, Beobachter, Sonntagsblick, Migros Mag, Hochparterre, Migros, Coop Naturaplan, UBS, H&M and many more.  

Her work has been recognized at the 3×3 awards, Society of Illustrators and Creative Quarterly.

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