#WorkingTomorrow: Visions of the Future

As part of swissnex Boston’s 20th anniversary campaign nex20, we are exploring the theme of #WorkingTomorrow. What will the jobs of tomorrow look like? We asked a number of experts to weigh in – but soon realized that there are no better futurologists than the very people who will be filling those jobs 20 years from now: kids ages 6 through 16!

With the help of our colleagues at swissnex China, we gave kids the following assignment: “Imagine yourself in the year 2040. What will your future job look like? If your dream job doesn’t exist yet, try to imagine it. Show us in your drawing what it will look like 20 years from now.”

We received almost 60 drawings from school children in Boston, Shanghai, Morges, Switzerland, and elsewhere. You will find some of our favorites here with five featured from each country that participated. We love these submissions! They inspire us with their inventiveness, hope, and humor. We hope you will enjoy discovering them as much as we did.

A special thank you to all the students and their teachers who made this project possible!

  • Sarah Baldwin, Art Teacher at Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, MA
  • Mr. Shenghang He, IG7-1 and IG7-2 art class at Changshu International School
  • Ms. Yan Chun, Mr. Xingguo Zhu, and Ms. Chunning Guo, art class at the Chunyan Art Studio
  • Marie Girard, Art Teacher the Secondary School of Morges Beausobre

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Top 5 Boston

This makes plants grow faster and makes oxygen collection easier. On the right side the three people are finding out how to make how plants grow faster. On the left side people give the plants water, and a person carries an oxygen box. The oxygen box collects oxygen for people to use in a hospital.

Akira K, 12, Boston
Oxygen Maker

This is the eye of the future. You can use this as an eye implant. It is mainly used to take pictures for photography. But you may also use it for eye sight. It is made out of a circuit board and many other mechanical parts.

Kaya, 13, Boston
The Future Eye

This is a drawing of interactive technology in a hologram type of form. I believe that this technology might be available in office buildings, and schools in the future.

Grace D., 13, Boston
Future in Technology

I want to be a fashion designer, and this is how I think this job looks in the future. You can be drawing digitally on a giant drawing tablet, and then write the measurements in. Then you’ll have to put fabric in the 3D printer, and it will create the dress or outfit that you drew. There will be a hologram showing a preview of the dress. You’ll also have an android assistant helping you.

Kritika A., 12, Boston
Designing Futuristically

This is an Extinct Animal Creator. It takes aspects from them and re-creates them. The humans control the machine. Sort of like a factory.

Olivia R., 12, Boston
Extinct Animal Creator
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Top 5 China

I am a gene engineer. We can communicate better through genes. Genes of animals and plants together create beautiful paintings and symphonies. Can you understand them?

Yutong Li, 11, Beijing
2040 Gene Engineer

In the year of 2040, I will be a cyberdetective – a detective that fights all different kinds of online crimes. More and more crimes are committed online, as our society becomes increasingly digitized. Therefore, I want to be able to fight crime-online!

Ashley Hao Ding, 13, Chantilly
Cyber Detective

In 2040 I am gourmet working on a food guide called A Bite of the Galaxy. To get to know all the good food in the universe, I am interviewing an alien friend. Do you want to taste their food?

Shuhan Zhang, 11, Beijing
A Bite of the Galaxy

They are like angels. Their mission is to immerse themselves into the forest.

Charlize Wolters, 13, Suzhou
Ambassador of the Forest

This is a dream I created for myself in 2040, in which I become a painter and go into one of my own paintings. In this dream I am not bound by rules in reality and I can just paint without worry. If you need a beautiful dream, please contact me.

Ziyi Xue, 10, Beijing
My Dream Job is to be a Dream Creator
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Top 5 Switzerland

This is a traditional blacksmith’s workshop, my ideal workplace in twenty years. Getting back to our roots.

Thimothee, 15, Morges
Traditional Blacksmith

In 2040, what if I invented snow…? I think that because of Climate Change, snow will cease to exist in twenty years time, winters won’t be as cold anymore. As a result, a new job will appear: snow-maker to try and cool down the Earth.

Anonymous, 15, Morges

It’s an electric, dual energy truck. It has both solar and lunar panels. In addition to that, batteries are located on the tires which help recharge the truck. It’s one of my craziest projects.

Rodrigo, 16, Morges
Solar & Lunar Truck

I want to be an architect who designs houses on his computer, and then slides them out, into the real world, in real life size.

Yoann, 12, Morges
Designing Houses in the Future

I want to work in a pharmacy. In 2020 there are working with anti-covid glass and masks: In 2040, we will be behind machines, giving input to customers from a distance, explaining to them how to use medication through the display.

Agnesa, 16, Morges
Future Pharmacist
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